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Car Body Cleaning

Your car’s underbelly is subjected every day to road damage, jolts, debris accumulation and the risk of rusting. To preserve and protect it, you need to clean it at regular intervals thoroughly. Bring your car to our facility- JCS Tyres in Scarborough- for a professional and concise job. We are also known for our capabilities in sealing and wax oil treatments.

Residents of Scarborough get their fair share of rains all through the year. High moisture levels are inimical to a vehicle. To retain its shine and longevity, you need vehicle under body cleaning in Scarborough. At our facility, we are capable of working on multiple cars simultaneously thanks to our professionally helmed service bays.

Why is underbody cleaning and wax oil treatment necessary?

The underside of a car is probably the most overlooked area. However, it is vital that it remains in proper shape.

Three significant reasons why underbody cleaning and wax oil treatments are necessary are:

  • Wax oil treatment reduces the chances of corrosion. It also protects the chassis from accumulating too much debris because it leaves behind a matte and non-sticky finish.
  • When you ask for our vehicle under body cleaning in Scarborough, we ensure total dirt removal. Long-term dirt accumulation can damage crucial joints and weaken vehicular integrity.
  • Proper wax oil treatment in Scarborough at our facility, JCS Tyres, also ensures that you pass MOT tests with ease and get increased resale values.

Our service procedure

JCS Tyres has a standardised process of cleaning, sealing and treating with wax oil. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. We begin with a snow foam treatment to the underbelly. Following that, the dirt starts to dislodge. Then, we use a specialised pressure washing equipment that jet-washes the underside. It removes the dirt successfully.
  2. JCS Tyres also removes the wheels to ensure the process is completed successfully. The arches and the inner sills are also removed; it allows unfettered access to the recesses of a vehicle. It also helps our team in removing older underbody sealants and repair corroded areas.
  3. Following that, we carry out wax oil treatment in Scarborough. We procure the wax oil from the best brands in the business. It retains its effectiveness for more extended periods. It also helps prevent rusting even if you drive in a rain-prone area.
  4. Our service personnel work with a smile and are professional and courteous. JCS Tyres began as a family business. Since our customers come first, we use only the finest-quality clear wax oil. It allows the car’s original colour to shine. If, however, one of our patrons ask, we also use black wax oil. It does the work equally effectively.

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If you would like your treasured car to last for longer, give JCS Tyres a call today on 01723 624724. Or, you can book an appointment online with us and avoid queuing up. We will clean your car’s underbody, seal it with top-end products and offer wax oil protection to its recesses and cavities.

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