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    SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with studies suggesting that it is the only category of vehicles that registered a positive growth rate in the last fiscal year. JCS Tyres has stocked an exclusive collection of SUV car tyres in Scarborough to meet this increased demand.

    SUVs are inherently different from standard passenger cars like sedans and coupes. They are considerably larger, more powerful, and are often used for off-roading adventures. As such, their tyres are significantly different as well to cope with these altered dynamics.

    Our garage is a specialist tyre retailer that takes into account all these factors before recommending the perfect tyres for you. Visit our workshop or order your next set of tyres online. Either way, you can be assured of the superior quality of products that our garage takes pride in.

    Why do you need special tyres for your SUV?

    As mentioned earlier, SUVs and their tyres are unique in many ways. Let’s take a look at how SUV tyres in our inventory are different from their standard passenger car counterparts.

  • Sidewall construction
  • You may notice that SUV car tyres are a tad bit larger than regular car tyres. The sidewall is also larger, which not only complements the size of the vehicle but also offers a higher ground clearance necessary for off-roading. The sidewalls are constructed with a harder compound of rubber to support the extra load of SUVs.

  • Tread pattern
  • The design intent behind the tread pattern of an SUV tyre is not just influenced by paved streets but rough, off-road conditions as well. The knobbier tread pattern of SUV tyres can be attributed to that fact. A typical SUV tyre also sports square tread blocks that enhance the PSI force of its contact patch.

  • Speed rating & load index
  • Compared to standard car tyres, 4x4 tyres in Scarborough generally have a lower speed rating but higher load index. The squared-off tread blocks which generate additional traction lower its speed rating, whereas the harder rubber compound enhances the load index.

    Buy the best SUV car tyres in Scarborough

    Most of the SUV models at JCS Tyres have the above-mentioned generic features apart from the unique characteristics of each model. We have 4x4 tyres in Scarborough from all the renowned tyre-makers in the industry. Some of our favourite models are:

  • Dunlop Signature CS
  • Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus
  • Michelin CrossClimate SUV
  • Continental 4x4 Contact
  • Visit our workshop today through our entire collection. We will help you with a guided tour and also with other essential services like tyre fitting, wheel alignment and balancing.

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