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Are you looking for Vehicle Health Checkup for your vehicle?


At JCS Tyres, we place great stress on the well-being of your car. That is why we have come up with a comprehensive vehicle health check in Scarborough.

Our check-up covers a lot of ground and tests nearly every component of a vehicle. Our service can not only help keep your treasured possession in proper shape; it can also help you pass an MOT, increase mileage, reduce maintenance costs and increase resale values substantially.

Previously, most residents of nearby hamlets like Whitby, Pickering, Bridlington and Filey had no access to a quality Vehicle health check facility in Scarborough, the biggest nearby town. With JCS Tyres in Scarborough, you can finally lay your worries to rest.

What does our health check package comprise?

Our checks are pretty comprehensive. Here is a condensed list of the most crucial services we include.


Our team inspects your vehicle’s wheels for damage, disrepair and other common issues like misalignment and imbalances. Regular drives extract a toll on your car’s wheels, and we ensure that they are returned to their peak performance levels.


The braking system of an automobile is one of its most complicated mechanisms. We test its various parts and replace anything which seems out of the ordinary. Incidentally, most brake parts are not repairable; they need replacements. JCS Tyres also stores OE-grade spares from renowned manufacturers.


Our experts have noticed that many car owners in the UK fail their MOT test because they overlook defective or damaged internal or external lights. We replace even all malfunctioning light bulbs. We also adjust the headlights


Faulty wipers cause many MOT failures. Our team includes this in our vehicle health check in Scarborough package for precisely that reason. We ensure that the springs are in working order, the rubber grips are not hardened, and the wipers themselves are in good condition.


Odd and dull vibrations in the steering wheel or column are not uncommon, thanks to improper wheel balancing. Our team checks your car’s steering column and ensures it is in good shape.


A car’s exhaust system has many more functions than merely channelling its engine emissions to the outside air. It also helps keep noise levels under check and controls the engine temperature.

Like its brakes, a car’s exhaust system, when damaged, require replacements. For quality replacements and spares, contact our facility, JCS Tyres- the best vehicle health check facility in Scarborough.

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