Winter Tyres

At JCS Tyres, we are committed to provide car owners in Scarborough the best experience when it comes to any form of car related products or services. We confirm to the one universally accepted the fact that all automobile experts across the world agree on, i.e. for a temperature below 7°C, winter tyres are a must.

Hence, when the mercury drops from November to February, drive with winter tyres in Scarborough to remain safe.

Fit winter tyres for safety

Winter tyres from premium manufacturers can cost something around the £100. Budget winter tyres for family hatchbacks can cost around £50 per tyres. We keep tyres of all price range so that our customers don't have to compromise on safety due to budget constraints.

Reasons you should fit winter tyres on your car –

  • A winter tyre’s tread blocks are covered with small jagged slits on their surface. These are called sipes. They increase a winter tyre’s surface area in contact against roads, which leads to higher traction.
  • These tyres incorporate deeper tread grooves into their design so they can displace water with more efficiency.
  • A high void ratio tread pattern allows snow to collect and compact in its grooves. Compacted snow develops resistance against slippage in the contact area between the tyres and the tarmac.
  • Addition of hydrophilic materials in the tyre’s rubber compound improves friction on wet surfaces. Wet snow causes tyres to slip, so snow tyres in Scarborough are a must for optimal vehicle performance.

In wintry roads what's more treacherous than snow is black ice. They are hard to identify, and when drivers run over them unknowingly, the car's wheel suffers from a sudden loss in road grip. It's a dangerous situation and poses a serious safety threat. So drive with winter tyres in Scarborough to assure your family’s safety.

We stock winter tyres from multiple brands

At JCS Tyres in Scarborough, we sell tyres from reputed manufacturers whose performance quality has been attested by multiple independent automotive testers.

Hankook Winter i*cept evo2

  • The tyre tread is reinforced with a wide steel belt which imparts it optimal stiffness and improves handling.
  • It is awarded by IF 2016, Reddot 2015, and Good design 2015 for excellent performance.


  • Described to be a balanced winter tyre with safe and secure handling in snow by Auto Bild.
  • Earned the first place in corner aquaplaning amongst other winter tyres in a test by Auto Bild 2018.
  • Features Miura Ori 3D sipe technology for maximising traction on slippery winter roads.

Buy tyres from JCS Tyres

When searching for winter tyres in Scarborough at a reasonable price, visit our garage. Additionally, when in an emergency, you can count on our mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough.

All you need to do is select your preferred tyres online, pay the price and drive into our garage for hassle-free tyre fitting service.