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Are you looking for EU Tyre Label for your vehicle?

As a responsible automobile garage, JCS Tyres is committed to the UK’s environmental conservation efforts. We do so by taking responsibility for the products we sell and their impact on the environment. So, we only sell tyres that rank high on the EU rating scale.

We recommend our customers to go for a tyre with highly EU rated tyres in Scarborough. Our experts help car owners with tyre selection and recommend only the most appropriate brand.

What is the EU labelling?

Under a directive from the European Union, a rating system for tyres was established. The label classifies tyres between A to G up on various parameters.

EU regulation aims to –

    • Increase safety, decrease noise levels and promote fuel efficiency.
    • Allow consumers to make an informed purchase decision.

The transport sector accounts for 1/3rd of the total fuel consumption in Europe. Increasing fuel efficiency of vehicles is a vital aspect in addressing environmental problems. So, we encourage all environmentally responsible car owners, to go for EU rated tyres in Scarborough.

Explanation of the EU tyre rating system

The tyres we stock in JCS Tyres in Scarborough are all highly rated on all significant parameters of EU labelling. Here's an explanation of the EU labels.

    • Rolling resistance

A tyre's rolling resistance directly impacts a car's fuel efficiency. EU tyre label ranks tyres based on this parameter in a scale of A to G. European Commission suggests that a class G burns 7% more fuel than a class-A tyre.

    • Wet grip

Wet grip is a highly important safety to consider when buying tyres, as it determines braking distance of a vehicle. Similar to the above category, tyres are assigned a rating between A and G. A class F tyre will require a much higher braking distance than a class-A tyre, hence puts your safety in danger.

    • Noise

The EU rating system doesn’t use letters for noise emissions. Instead, it rates tyres with the actual decibel value of the noise it emits during operation. The noise generated is pictorially represented with a loudspeaker icon sound waves emitting out of it.

If the symbol displays only one dark stripe, then the tyre's generated noise is at least 3 dB below the future European limit. Three bars mean that the tyre's noise above the acceptable threshold.

Few tyres with high EU labels

At JCS Tyres we only sell tyres with a high rating on the EU tyre label in Scarborough in at least one parameter.

Michelin Primacy

    • Features an ‘A’ EU rating for wet grip on variants with load index between 87 and 92 of these tyres.
    • Carries a rating of ‘B’ for fuel efficiency on most of its variants.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

These tyres reportedly reduce decibel count by as much as 50%. SoundComfort technology enable these tyres to have a low noise rating on the EU rating scale.

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