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Brake pads are one of the most common parts that require frequent replacement. At JCS Tyres in Scarborough, we understand that different drivers have different requirements, so we sell all types of brake pads. Our services have earned us the reputation of being one of the best automobile serviced garages in Scarborough.

When do you need a brake pad replacement?

With usage and due to continuous friction a car’s brake pads eventually erode out to the extent that they will no longer be able to maintain sufficient friction. When the brake pads have a thickness of about 3mm, it’s indicative that you need to opt for a brake pad replacement in Scarborough.

Signs that your car needs brake pad replacement

    • Squealing and screeching noises

The first indication a car driver will hear when applying brakes with eroded pads, are metallic screeches. A small metallic shim indicator embedded into the brake shoes causes these sounds by scratching against the brake disc of drums. It happens when the brake pads are not of sufficient thickness.

    • Deep metallic growling sound

Contact between the brake callipers and the rotor discs are characterised by low metallic noise and sounds. Metal on metal contact can lead to further damage in the brake system. Furthermore, when the brake disc or the rotors rub against the metal continuously, risks of them becoming warped will be high. If you notice this sign on your car, come to our garage in Scarborough for a brake pad replacement.

    • Vibrating brake pedal

Another sign that your brake pads need replacement is an unsteady brake pedal. When the pedals vibrate during operation, it’s an indication that the pads have worn out. It’s crucial that you head over for a brake pad replacement in Scarborough as soon as possible, since it may cause a potential accident.

Signs that your car’s brake rotors need replacement

    • Score marks on the rotor body

Visible grooves and scratches on the rotor body is a clear sign of damaged rotors. If you don’t address the problem soon, it’ll lower your vehicle’s safety.

    • Increased braking distance

These scores and grooves can compromise the friction between brake pads and rotors. It can also cause pulsations and vibrations on the brake pedal. So opt for brake pad replacement in Scarborough on noticing such signs of rotor damage.

We sell all types of brake pads

Considering the driving techniques of different car owners, at JCS Tyres we sell all the types of brake pads.

    • 1. Semi-metallic brake pads

These contain 30% to 60% metal, and thus makes a lot of noise and makes rotors wear down faster. These pads guarantee longevity.

    • 2. Non-asbestos organic

Compared to semi-metallic pads, these create less noise but deteriorate faster.

    • 3. Ceramic

Made of ceramic fibres, bonding agent, and non-ferrous fillers,

When searching for a brake replacement garage in Scarborough visit us. Our team of expert technicians and highly satisfied customers are the reason for you to pick our service over others.

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