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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Punture Repair

At our facility- JCS Tyres in Scarborough- we specialise in repairing punctured tyres. Our technicians are well-trained and follow the BSAU159, the British Standards on puncture repairs. If you live in or around Scarborough, in areas like Whitby, Pickering, Filey and Bridlington, bring your car to our service facility for puncture repairs.

Our facility is your best bet for puncture repairs in Scarborough.

There is always the outside chance that your vehicle’s tyres will invariably pick up one leak or the other during its service life. No two leaks are alike, however, and a lot depends on the area of the puncture. Our team will try its best to repair the offending wheel. However, at times, you might need a complete tyre replacement as a repair might be too challenging and dangerous.

When can a puncture be repaired?

The BSAU159 determines when a puncture is repairable. If the damage is located in the central 3/4th portion of a tyre, that puncture cannot be repaired as per laws. Here are certain caveats on tyre repair in Scarborough.

      • As per the British Standards, we at JCS Tyres can only fix those leaks which are located in the minor repair zone, meaning outside the central 3/4th portion.
      • We can also repair any damage to the tyre provided it is not located on the sidewall. Any repair may weaken these sidewalls. We will, therefore, ask you to consider purchasing a new wheel instead.
      • Our teams of professional technicians will carry out any repairs to damages provided they do not exceed 6mm in size. Gouge splits and horizontal cuts are not repair-friendly.
      • Puncture repair in Scarborough works best when you bring them to us on time. If you feel one of your car’s wheels has developed a slow leak, or if the valve is malfunctioning, bring it to our facility immediately. We will carry out a proper inspection and take appropriate action.
      • JCS Tyres can take care of all punctures provided that the internal cord has not been damaged itself. It is unsafe to repair a wheel which has exposed or damaged cords.
      • Lastly, we also provide mobile tyre repair services. That means our teams can repair any damaged tyres at either your home or your workplace.

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Contact JCS Tyres for a professional and thorough tyre repair in Scarborough. We have one of the most highly-skilled teams of professionals and offer extremely competitive price packages. You can book an appointment with us online and skip the queue. Alternatively, you can visit our facility right off Coastal Road, Burniston. We also offer mobile tyre fitting services in Scarborough.

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