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If you are worried that your car tyres are in disrepair and are performing poorly on roads, worry no more. At our facility, JCS Tyres in Scarborough, we offer free tyre safety checks both at our facility and on the fly. Whenever you require free tyre safety checks in Scarborough, head over to our facility right near Coastal Road, Burniston.

JCS Tyres is the market leader with industry-benchmark vehicular services in North Yorkshire. To help our consumers with even more services, we have launched a free tyre safety check routine.

Our checks involve three basic premises: the wheel’s health, roadworthiness and longevity.

What does our service consist of?

Our exemplary free tyre safety checks in Scarborough comprise of the following:

    • Checks for slow leaks: Tyres kept in storage are prone to slow leaks which will eventually lead to more serious conditions like punctures. Our teams can also carry out mobile tyre checks at either your homes or at your workplace, depending on your schedule. Our mobile teams can repair these issues too.
    • Tyre tread depth: A tread depth of 1.6mm is the legal minimum tread depth required to drive in the UK. However, we recommend that you opt for repairs the moment you find that your tyres have a tread depth of around 2mm. We have tools to accurately measure the tread depth and give you advice on whether you need re-treading or purchase new wheels. Re-treading, incidentally, is not a good option under any circumstance.
    • Inspect uneven wear: Uneven tyre wear can be a symptom of many underlying issues including wheel misalignment and imbalance. It will eventually take a toll on a car’s safety and mileage. Feathering, or the wearing on the side of a wheel, is especially dangerous as it can hamper braking efficiency. If our technicians find this issue, we may ask you to bring your vehicle to JCS Tyres- the best free tyre safety checking facility in Scarborough.
    • Wheel balancing: Wheel balancing is a key aspect of free tyre safety check in Scarborough. Our technicians carry the most modern tools required to measure the degree of misbalance and then affix proper counter-weights to the wheel-tyre assembly. Depending on your choice, we supply both bang-on besides adhesive weights.
    • Ensure that your spare tyre is in good shape: Most servicing teams tend to gloss over the spare wheel- a fatal mistake. But when you contact the free tyre safety check facility in Scarborough, you are assured that no such rookie error will creep in. We inspect your car’s spare wheel thoroughly and to our professional’s satisfaction.

Free tyre safety checks in Scarborough

You can reach JCS Tyres on any working day either online or over the telephone. Our facility is nearby to the likes of Pickering, Filey and Bridlington.

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