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JCS Tyres is one of the few professional garages providing laser wheel alignment services in and around Scarborough. Like everything else, wheel alignment has also evolved with time. Our 2 wheel alignment garage in Scarborough is in-tune with changing times and the fundamental requirements of modern automobiles, so much so that we even perform mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough.

Basics of wheel alignment

The alignment of wheels refers to the angle at which they are set in relation to each other and the tarmac. Ideally, they should be at a 90° angle with the street and parallel to their corresponding wheels.

However, the constant travails of travel lead to wheels falling out of alignment. The angles get distorted, which causes a plethora of problems.

      • Fuel economy of your car will take a severe hit.
      • The handling of your car will also be affected.
      • Your car will persistently pull towards a particular side.
      • Tyres will wear out unevenly, often on one particular side.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms. Driving on even with such signs will only aggravate the underlying issues and lead to a vehicle with below-par safety standards other than the basic safety requisites.

To avoid all these problems and enjoy a hassle-free drive, bring your car for a laser wheel alignment in Scarborough at our garage.

Laser wheel alignment at JCS Tyres in Scarborough

One of the most significant developments in automotive technology in the past few years is the advent of laser wheel alignment. Our 2 wheel alignment garage in Scarborough is equipped with cutting-edge laser alignment machine, which is handled by some of the most experienced technicians in this part of the world.

Compared to conventional alignment machines, laser wheel alignment is quicker and more precise. Our technician will attach a bracket to all four wheels of your car and shine beams of high-frequency laser between corresponding brackets and measure the angles of these beams.

We will then use those readings on a pre-set scale which corresponds to the ideal alignment angles of your car’s wheels. We will measure the readings via computer software which will tell us the precise angle of misalignment.

Once we have the precise angles in front of us, our technicians will take corrective measures against the same.

Set the angles right; book an appointment with us today

Most carmakers recommend that wheel alignment should be checked every 6 months. We agree with them wholeheartedly.

Call us on the given number and book your slot at JCS Tyres for laser wheel alignment in Scarborough. You will notice the difference it makes right away!

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