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The exhaust system is one of most complicated component arrangements of the modern automobile. Most parts require professional assistance for proper eradication of underlying issues. Some are even non-repairable by nature.

At our facility- JCS Tyres in Scarborough- we are experts in exhaust repairs & replacements. If you need an exhaust replacement in Scarborough, feel free to contact us.

An exhaust system has two functions: expelling noxious fumes from the engine and keeping the vehicle’s noise levels under check. Exhaust replacement services in Scarborough are essential to keep your vehicle in proper condition.

When are exhaust replacements necessary?

There are many symptoms of a faulty exhaust. Here are the most common ones.

    • Rust

Whenever your car’s exhaust system comes in contact with moisture, the metal parts start rusting. Rust is a deadly enemy to all metallic parts of a vehicle, and the exhaust manifold is no exception either. Instead, the high temperatures and pressures make it more susceptible to corrosion.

    • Exhaust leaks

Driving on terribly cratered and potholed roads lead to damage to the exhaust system. It can result in leaks, and the car will start emitting a lot of noise. If the noise is loud and startling, especially when you are just beginning your journey, you may have a serious exhaust issue.

    • Clogged muffler

Another reason behind unnatural noises is a clogged muffler. It is common for a car driving on city roads to have clogged mufflers, something that needs prompt replacements. We store all the major brands in our inventory.

    • Too much smoke

Perhaps the most obvious sign of exhaust issues is too much smoke being emitted. Mostly, the smoke is dark, indicating incomplete oxygenation. That, in turn, will lead the skilled technician to conclude that the catalytic converter is acting up and needs replacing. That is when you must seek exhaust replacement services in Scarborough at JCS Tyres.

    • Peculiar vibrations

Odd and frequent vibrations inside the passenger’s cabin and around the steering wheel column may be indicative of exhaust issues. These vibrations are very different from the familiar jerks associated with driving on urban roads. Excessive shaking will hamper your drive and leave you unsafe on roads. Also, loose gaskets and piston rings create their rhythms, which are noticeable.

Why trust JCS Tyres?

We are your best bet for an exhaust repair or exhaust replacement in Scarborough because:

      • Our service personnel use the latest and most upgraded technologies to identify issues.
      • We store genuine spares for your vehicle sourced from reputed manufacturers.
      • Our prices are transparent and without any hidden charges. They will be made plain to you upfront before we start our service.

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