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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Wheel balancing is one of our primary areas of focus. JCS Tyres, being a professional tyre retailer and tyre fitting garage, is well aware of the implications of imbalanced tyres. We take immense precautions while performing wheel balancing so that it is accurate to the T.

We are one of the first and only garages to perform electronic wheel balancing in Scarborough. Our electronic balancing machines are considerably more precise than traditional ones. You may avail this as a stand-alone service or when you avail our tyre fitting service.

Why tyre balance matters?

The weight of a tyre is spread uniformly across its body. At least, that’s how it is supposed to be. However, many factors can combine to throw a tyre out of balance. The constant impact of the road is the foremost among them. Other factors that may contribute to it include prolonged tyre storage in unfavourable conditions, inaccurate inflation pressures, and fitting tyres of the wrong specs.

It is one of the reasons that you should always seek professional expertise for mounting tyres. JCS Tyres in Scarborough can be of help in that regard. We not only store the best tyres currently in the market but also perform a flawless mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough.

While mounting tyres, we mandatorily perform wheel balancing beforehand so that you have effortless driving experience. After measuring and determining the points of imbalance, our technicians will add counterweights at specific spots to balance them out.

Our electronic wheel balancing garage in Scarborough uses zinc counterweights in place of lead ones as they are considered more stable and longer lasting.

On the same note, we also perform wheel alignment and other essential services to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience for our clients.

Disadvantages of tyre imbalance

When a tyre is out of balance, its weight distribution gets skewed and gets concentrated at a few specific spots. This phenomenon creates heavy and light spots across the body of the tyre.

There are many disadvantages of unbalanced tyres which may severely affect the drivability of your car.

  • You’ll feel constant vibrations which will increase with the speed of your vehicle.
  • The physical condition of tyres will also be affected. You will notice patchy tread wear.
  • The irregular tread wear will result in an uneven contact patch which will have adverse effects on your car’s handling abilities as well as fuel economy.
  • Unbalanced tyres will also put a lot of stress on the suspension system of your car.

It is essential to perform electronic wheel balancing in Scarborough so that you do not face these adverse consequences. Do not worry; wheel balancing is neither very expensive nor time-consuming.

Leaders in balancing technology

JCS Tyres has been a frontrunner in bringing latest car servicing technology to its clients. Our electronic wheel balancing in Scarborough is another step in that direction. Buy your tyres, have them mounted and balanced all under the same roof at our workshop.

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