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Are you looking for Locking Wheel Nut Removal for your Vehicle?


Locking wheel nuts are one of the most practical and cost-effective ways of defending alloy wheels from theft. Also known as locking lug nuts, these devices come with their individual keys. However, that gives rise to a problem- keys can be lost. JCS Tyres comes to the rescue in situations such as these.

We offer comprehensive locking wheel nut removal in Scarborough with a near-perfect success rate. We use a unique tool that can remove lug nuts regardless of the torque at which they have been tightened.

Remove lug nuts without breaking a sweat

Lug nuts have gained massive popularity in recent times because of their pure ingenuity. Standard wheel nuts can be pulled off rather quickly with a lug wrench or similar tools.

However, if you replace a single wheel nut with their locking counterparts, it becomes impossible to remove without the key.

Well, not entirely impossible! JCS Tyres has removed hundreds of locking lug nuts with the consent of the owner. Our service covers locking nuts of every type of vehicles including sports cars and commercial vehicles.

Locking wheel nut removal in Scarborough is not something you should try by yourself. Despite your good intentions, there is a genuine chance that you’ll damage the wheel and rims. It is always advisable to bring it to our service garage for professional removal. We also have a mobile unit and even perform mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough.

Spare locking lug nuts for every model

After we have removed the jammed locking nut from your car’s wheel, the next step is to install a new one. We stock manufacturer-approved locking nuts for various popular car models. We will replace your existing nut and install a new one in no time.

However, we do advise our clients to call beforehand and check the availability of locking wheel nuts for their particular model. If we don’t have the already, we will source them before you avail our service.

Don’t let locking lug nuts hold you back

Book our mobile locking lug nut removal in Scarborough for the most hassle-free and timely experience. We cater to many towns around Scarborough such as Whitby, Pickering and Filey.

Unlock your car’s freedom with JCS Tyres!

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