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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a sensor that monitors the air inflation pressure in a vehicle’s tyres. It is another recent addition to modern automobiles with many benefits.

However, like every other mechanical part, this too can malfunction or merely run out of its shelf life. JCS Tyres carries out an efficient TPMS replacement in Scarborough while keeping an eye out on your budget.

Although TPMS has many glaring advantages, it has introduced some issues which were hitherto unknown to car owners. However, there is nothing to worry for the motorists of Scarborough now that we have set up shop in the neighbourhood.

The TPMS transformation

Initially introduced in the mid-90s, TPMS was made mandatory for every new vehicle since 2014 in tune with EU regulations. The rationale behind this move is that TPMS acts as an early warning mechanism against potential tyre failure which can lead to accidents.

It is a built-in pressure sensor fitted within the wheels, generally in its valve stem. It is a battery-powered sensor which measures the tyre pressure every few seconds and sends respective signals to the OBD-II of a car.

Here’s a list of some of the advantages of TPMS.

  • Saves car owners the hassle of checking their tyre pressure regularly.
  • Improves road safety by preventing tyre failure and blowouts.
  • Helps save fuel as underinflated tyres account for an additional 4-5% fuel consumption.
  • Increases tyre life which is again affected by under-inflation.

Bring your car to our garage for TPMS compatible tyres. Alternatively, you may also opt for our mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough.

When should TPMS be replaced?

Failure of the TPMS will immediately trigger the CEL, and you should bring your vehicle directly to JCS Tyres in that event. Unfortunately, TPMS is not repairable. It requires replacement. We are a one-stop TPMS replacement garage in Scarborough, with the lowest rate and turnaround time.

Generally, the service life of a TPMS is around five years, which is also the average life of a tyre. So, when you buy a new tyre from our workshop, we will fit it with a brand new TPMS. Since we also perform mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough, you should give us a heads up should you require a new TPMS as well.

Being the leading TPMS replacement garage in Scarborough, we store only the highest quality, OEM-grade TMPS for replacement purposes.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

TPMS failure is a severe issue that should be taken lightly. It is crucial to replace them as soon as a fault is detected. Visit JCS Tyres for the most comprehensive TPMS replacement in Scarborough. We are here to help!

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