About Us

Greetings, Scarborians! Welcome to the official website of JCS Tyres. We are now in Scarborough, located just off Coastal Road in Burniston. We offer the best-known mobile tyre fitting services in Scarborough along with a wide range of other additional car-related services as well.

JCS Tyres is a family-run business that takes immense pride in its technological sophistication. We have developed a substantial customer base thanks to our services and products.

Our services

JCS Tyres offers fast and reliable MOT checks in Scarborough. If there are defects or damage, we will provide repairs and replacements based on individual requirements. Some of our most in-demand services include:

  1. MOT repairs
  2. Mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough
  3. Bodywork services on various passenger vehicles of all makes and models
  4. Free tyre safety checks
  5. Wheel bearing replacements
  6. Brake component replacements
  7. Annual & interim professional vehicle servicing
  8. Puncture repairs, besides rim cleaning and resealing
  9. Rust repairs

Our sales

Besides offering the best MOT repairs in Scarborough, our team also sells fresh car batteries. Our facility also stores new tyres from the likes of Michelin, Dunlop to name just a few top brands we stock. Whether you are looking for summer, winter or all-season wheels, JCS Tyres has them all.

Our mission

Our mission is based on our guiding principles. We intend to become the most reliable and competitively priced car service provider in this part of North Yorkshire.

Our technicians are constantly putting their best effort into increasing their skills, turn-around times (TATs- the time that passes between you submitting your vehicle to us delivering it back to you) and the quality of services provided at the best rates in the industry. Our aim is also to become the first-choice tyre retailer around courtesy our ever-expanding range of tyres in Scarborough.

Our vision

JCS Tyres has a long-term vision of expanding beyond North Yorkshire and ultimately becoming a brand in its own right.

How can we help you?

You can call us on any working day and book an appointment. Please call us on 01723 624724 on any day between Monday to Friday. Our facility is open on these 5 days from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM. On Saturdays, our working hours are slightly truncated: between 10 AM and 2 PM.

We are closed on Sundays. On any other day, we provide mobile tyre fitting services.

If you need tyre fitting services right at your doorstep, state-of-the-art laser wheel balancing, MOT tests and repairs, think of us. We are the best mobile tyre fitting services in Scarborough.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can solve any and all your vehicular issues. You can, alternatively, email us at (jcs_tyres@hotmail.co.uk) and book a slot to jump the queue.

See what JCS Tyres can do!

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