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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


Leave your suspension troubles with us at JCS Tyres in Scarborough every time you drop by. We are, in fact, one of the most dependable garages in this region capable of carrying out complex suspension operations with absolute certainty.

Suspension malfunction is one of the most severe issues that you may face with your car with potentially far-reaching ramifications. It affects handling, fuel economy and various other metrics adversely. Our suspension service garage in Scarborough ensures that you face no such troubles and have the ultimate comfort while driving.

Why is suspension service necessary?

The suspension system of a car is an extremely complex assortment of mechanical parts responsible primarily for its handling, steering and ride comfort. The two principal components of this system are shock absorbers, a.k.a dampeners, and coil springs.

Shock absorbers and springs work together to ensure that you do not feel every bump or other uneven surfaces on the street. Your vehicle stays stable because of these parts.

The suspension system also ensures that all four tyres are firmly in contact with the tarmac, thereby enhancing the handling of your car. According to estimates, a damaged suspension system adds approximately 2 meters to the braking distance of a vehicle running at 30mph.

It must be abundantly clear by now how crucial the suspension system is and why you should immediately bring your car for suspension repair in Scarborough should there be any problem with it.

When should you avail suspension service?

There are some clear signs that indicate a suspension issue. Bring your car to our suspension service garage in Scarborough if you notice any of these recurring symptoms.

      • Your car pulls to one side. It may be a constant pull to a particular direction or a pull towards the direction you turned last. Both are indicative of suspension damage.
      • The wheel alignment and balance of your car are off the chart. The axles of the wheels are connected to the suspension system. A problem with it has consequences for the wheels as well.
      • Your ride is incredibly bumpy. It points to a failing shock absorber.
      • One corner of your car is lower than the other side.
      • Sudden braking makes your car nose dive and hard turns make it roll.

Don’t sit on suspension issues

JCS Tyres is a suspension service garage in Scarborough with savvy technicians and equipment on the cutting edge of technology. Book your suspension repair appointment today at our garage and say goodbye to the bumpy ride!

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