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Nowadays, numerous car owners in the UK are resorting to run-flat tyres or at least to tyres with built-in run-flat features. In Scarborough, our facility- JCS Tyres- stores the broadest range of these models from the most prominent manufacturers. We also offer the lowest run flat tyres price in Scarborough.

The primary advantage that these wheels have is that they can withstand a puncture and can run on for a while. Most run-flat wheels, for example, can run for around 50 miles. That gives the driver enough time to seek out a service garage. However, running on a punctured tube is dangerous at times, and most of these models cannot be repaired.

How do run-flat tyres work?

Run-flat wheels work on 3 different technologies. They are:

  • Self-supporting types: The self-supporting types of run-flat tyres were the first to be developed. An inner layer of fabric gave it added protection against punctures and blow-outs, which were common in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Michelin was the giant which introduced this type as the semi-bulletproof tyre. It revolutionised the way people looked at their wheels.
  • Self-sealing types: The self-sealing type of run-flat tyres had an extra lining under their rubber construct which could seal itself if penetrated by a nail or other debris. While most modern run-flat wheels do not use this technology, they have generated the idea of tyre sealants which can be injected via the valve.
  • When a tyre rolls, the sealant is spread evenly inside and hardens on exposure to air, thereby sealing the puncture.
  • Auxiliary-supported types: It is the most widely-used type where an additional support ring is present inside a tyre. It allows a wheel to carry huge loads at decent speeds for a few miles. All modern high-security vehicles use this type of technology. At JCS Tyres, we store a wide range of wheels from this segment too.

Why choose JCS Tyres?

We are widely known all around North Yorkshire and beyond for our low run flat tyres price in Scarborough. Our facility provides you with the following advantages:

  • Online tyre selection through our website. We sell run flat tyres online, and you can book a set by filling in a few details. Plus, we provide mobile tyre fitting services in Scarborough at reasonable prices.
  • Once you are done choosing, you can opt to purchase them from us online. You now have the luxury of buying new tyres online with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Our wide range of products is sourced directly from the manufacturers and their authorised wholesalers. We ensure that our customers receive all accompanying bells and whistles.

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Visit our website and buy a new set of run flat tyres online today. Alternately, you can also visit our facility and choose a new set by yourself.

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