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Goodyear Tyres

    Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. It shares the global markets with the other three majors in the industry: Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental. Of these, Goodyear is the only American major and a first in many respects. Their products are as popular in the United Kingdom as they are in other countries. At JCS Tyres, we sell Goodyear car tyres in Scarborough.

    JCS Tyres is one of the most widely-known tyre retailers in North Yorkshire. We are a family-owned business and place great emphasis on our customers. At our facility, we also retail all leading tyre brands and their various models.

    We also sell Goodyear tyres online. Besides, you can contact us for mobile tyre fitting services too.

    The enduring popularity of Goodyear tyres

    Based out of Akron, Ohio, Goodyear has been in business since 1898. This company has a rich and illustrious history in the racing niche too. Goodyear is the single most-successful tyre supplier to the Formula 1 racing events. It is also the only official tyre supplier to NASCAR series globally.

    There are several reasons why Goodyear remains among the world’s largest and most successful tyre majors.

    • Goodyear was one of the first significant companies to adopt the radial tyre. Nowadays, almost 100 per cent of all wheels sold worldwide is radial. It indicates how remarkably this corporation reads market trends.
    • Goodyear provided the tyres to the world’s first mass-produced car: the Ford Model T.
    • The first wheels to touch down on Earth’s moon were manufactured by Goodyear. It has, thus, become a byword for quality, recall value and longevity.
    • One of the few brands to consistently find a spot on the Fortune 500 list largest corporations.

    Popular Goodyear models in the UK

    Since we sell a wide variety of Goodyear wheels, are aware of their most marketable products. Here’s the top 3!

  • Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2: A competent follow-up to the Gen-1, this 4Seasons model sells throughout the year as a top-grossing all-season tyre. It is manufactured across Goodyear’s numerous facilities around the world, and we sell these Goodyear tyres online too.
  • Vector 4Seasons SUV Gen-2: In a sense, Goodyear created a subdomain of SUV-specific all-season wheels. This model mixed greater acceleration abilities and increased traction to provide an unbeatable package. This is one of the most popular SUV tyres in the UK.
  • Cargo Vector 2: It is top choice for light trucks and vans. We sell these models at our facility as well as online.
  • Buy Goodyear tyres today

    In case you would like to buy a new set of Goodyear car tyres in Scarborough, feel free to visit our facility, JCS Tyres. Buy the best tyres from us at the best prices.

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