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Dunlop Tyres

    At JCS Tyres, we sell only the best quality automobile products, so that our customers leave our garage in Scarborough, with the best experience. So, we recommend Dunlop tyre to our customers, as the company put 127 years of experience in innovation behind all their products. With Dunlop car tyres in Scarborough mounted on your car, you are assured of excellent performance in all major parameters.

    Why fit Dunlop tyres?

    • It is the brand that pioneered pneumatic tyre manufacturing. Founded by John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of pneumatic tyre himself, the company is a leader in tyre technology.
    • RunOnFlat technology that prevents permanent immobility due to loss of air pressure was pioneered by this company.
    • Dunlop conducts rigorous tests for all its products.
    • In 1962 they developed a tread design that prevents aquaplaning.

    The above facts are enough for you to buy Dunlop tyres from JCS Tyres in Scarborough.

    Some car tyres models by Dunlop

    Dunlop employs a variety of technology into their tyres. Let’s look at a few of them.

    Sport MAXX RT 2

    • High cornering grip on wet and dry conditions.
    • Improved road feedback and steering precision make these Dunlop car tyres in Scarborough ideal for sports cars.
    • Built-in Rim protection provides better protection against sidewall damage due to kerbs.
    • Noise shield technology enables these tyres to reduce interior noise by 50%.

    Winter Sport 5

    • Optimised tread design on Winter Sport 5 distributes its weight optimally, which results in a better fuel economy.
    • Angled sipes in the tyre’s centre lengthen out during operation, thus improving the tread groove’s ability to open and grab onto surfaces. As a result, the tyres retain a superior lateral grip on slippery winter tarmac, hence are an ideal choice as winter tyres for the frigid months in Scarborough.
    • Deep angled grooves in the tyre's tread promote efficient water evacuation, which reduces aquaplaning. So, these are an ideal choice of Dunlop car tyres in Scarborough for driving during winters below 7°C.


    • Directional groove patterns enable these tyres to maintain exceptional stability at highway speeds.
    • These are ideal all-season 4x4 tyres for medium-sized SUVs.
    • SP Grantrek’s rigid double centre rib reduces noise emissions into the vehicle cabin for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. So, when looking for quality 4x4 tyres that offer comfort and durability at the same time, this would be the ideal choice.

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    At JCS Tyres, we sell only the best quality automobile components. With our mobile tyre fitting in Scarborough, we have already catered over 1000 calls for immediate help.

    Additionally, you can buy Dunlop tyres online from our web store. You can select a tyre model, pay the price online and drive into our garage for our always on priority tyre fitting.

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