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Nexen is a South Korean tyre manufacturing giant that projects its marketing philosophy with the sentence ‘next century tyre.’ Certainly, Nexen has managed to capture a significant part of the UK’s tyre market even though it is a relatively late entrant. It has managed to do so by offering extremely high-quality tyres at low prices.

If you want to buy new Nexen car tyres in Scarborough, you can visit our facility- JCS Tyres. We are an established family-owned business which specialises in retailing top-end tyres besides providing a wide variety of vehicular services.

3 reasons why Nexen is so popular

Ever since the end of the Korean War, South Korea has managed to retain its lead in industrial manufacturing. South Korea has many iconic car manufacturers, and Nexen is an example of their prowess in tyre manufacturing.

The sales figures of Nexen models speak for themselves: they are among the fastest growing brands in the market. There are concrete reasons behind their meteoric rise.

      1. Superior R&D: Nexen is one of the major investors in tyre research and development. It has numerous patents to its credit and has managed to dominate the UHP and sports tyre segments. Nexen has average annual revenues of about $1.8B, and a large part of that sum goes into R&D.
      2. Competitive pricing: Nexen has never cut corners on quality, and yet manages to charge its customers lower than its competitors. Nexen achieves this by setting up manufacturing units at countries with good economic fundamentals and international repute. It can thus expect more funding and lower tariffs.
      3. More variety: Nexen has always pushed the envelope when it comes to manufacturing. It has particular models for off-road conditions and sports vehicles. It is also another reason why Nexen tyres online are so popular.

Our bestselling Nexen products

JCS Tyres sells a broad range of Nexen’s tyres.

Here are 3 of their most popular offerings.

      • NBlue HD Plus: With a unique tread pattern and better aquaplaning ratings, Nexen’s NBlue HD Plus is meant for premium vehicles and optimum wet conditions. More than a third of Nexen car tyres in Scarborough sold via our facility are NBlue HD Plus.
      • NFera SU1: Nexen has a huge range of summer tyres, the best of which is the NFera SU1. It is the latest in the Nfera series, which has been Nexen’s flagship range for many years now.
      • NFera RU1: The NFera RU1 is a superb all-season SUV tyre meant for high speeds. In the UK, the RU1 has seen a rise in sales volumes.

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Our facility- JCS Tyres- sells Nexen tyres online. Visit our website to purchase them. Alternately, you can also visit our facility on any working day. You can also avail mobile tyre fitting services in Scarboroughfrom us on any day you desire.

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