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We understand that finding yourself in a situation with a dead car battery can impede your day's schedule. So at JCS Tyres, we offer a precise, accurate and comprehensive battery maintenance service to prevent a dead battery. Additionally, in our garage, you can purchase all types of a car battery in Scarborough.

What does a car battery service include?

    • Visual inspection by a technician of the battery wires, ends, bolts and tray.
    • Installation of anti-corrosion pads on negative and positive battery cables.
    • Treatment of cable ends with anti-corrosion spray.
  • An Open Circuit Voltage Check (OCV) of your car battery.
  • Installation of memory saver device to maintain the setting of the clock, car radio, seats and other components.
  • Complete evaluation of your car’s starting system and charging system including the alternator.

So, verify whether a car garage offers all the above services when looking for batteries repair in Scarborough.

Types of batteries available in our garage

At JCS Tyres in Scarborough, we sell all kinds of car batteries, and our experts suggest you the best type according to your driving needs.

  • Starting lighting and ignition batteries

These are also called SLI batteries as their primary function is to start the engine’s combustion process. They also supply power of smaller electronics like clocks, lights, radio. These batteries are designed for a shallow charge cycle and can only provide current in short bursts.

  • Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are capable of supplying sustained power over a long period. They can also endure deep discharges.

  • Flooded battery

The battery design uses plates that are freely suspended in the electrolyte. These batteries are the cheapest of all other types; hence are a popular choice of a car battery in Scarborough. Some of these batteries also require periodically refilling of the electrolyte.

  • Calcium-Calcium battery

These batteries employ calcium alloys on the different charged plates. Calcium prevents fluid loss and self-discharge rate on these are much slower. Hence, these are an ideal choice for a car battery in Scarborough intended for individuals who want maintenance-free applications.

  • VRLA batteries

VRLA means valve regulated lead-acid batteries, and they are characterised by the presence of a safety valve mechanism. The safety valves operate under pressure and contain all gases within the battery, thereby preventing fluid loss.

VRLA batteries are of two types, viz. GEL and AGM. In a GEL battery, silicon is added to the electrolyte so that it maintains a semi-solid consistency. In an AGM battery, thin layers of absorbed glass mat contain the fluid. These mats help in keeping the internal resistance low.

  • Lithium-ion battery

These batteries are capable of storing a higher amount of energy compared to other verities. These batteries find application in high performance and limited edition cars.

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