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Are you looking for Wheel Bearing Replacement for your vehicle?

Wheel Bearing

JCS Tyres in Scarborough offers all kinds of services essential to maintain your car in top-notch condition. Wheel bearing replacement is one of these services that enable your vehicle to perform at its best.

The function of a wheel bearing

Most drivers can identify the brake system and different parts of their car’s wheel assembly. However, the wheel bearings are located at such a position; the majority car owners will never see it unless a wheel bearing replacement in Scarborough becomes necessary.

The bearings sit over the metal axle shaft and fit to the wheel hub internally. The wheel bearing allows friction-free rotation of the wheel assembly. There are two bearings inner and outer on the two sides of the wheel hub.

A bearing comprises of a series of spherical metal balls held between two concentric metal rings called a race. Sometimes there may be two sets of ball bearings with multiple races between them.

Why seek our help to replace wheel bearings?

The signs of failing bearings are difficult to identify for a car owner like you unless you do have expertise in modern automobiles. The most common symptom of a faulty bearing is cyclically repeating chirping, as the wheels revolve. Visit JCS Tyres as soon as you notice any of the signs of bearing damage.

Other signs of a defective wheel bearing

  • Snapping, clicking, popping

It can indicate a damaged outer constant velocity joint. It may also mean excess translational motion of the bearing, which is a result of inadequate clamping. The noise further is noticeable when cornering.

  • Grinding noise when driving

Metallic grinding sounds indicates a loss of integrity in the roller balls or the raceway. These noises become audible when turning or whenever the car’s weight slightly shifts from one wheel to the other. Opt for a wheel bearing replacement in Scarborough on noticing this sign.

  • Growling noise

When driving in a straight line, worn bearings will transmit vibrations to the wheels. The vibration intensifies when turning left or right even slightly.

  • Uneven tyre tread wear

When the wheel bearings start to become defective, they fail to stay within their housing, thereby allowing the wheels to wobble slightly as they rotate. It’s also called bearing play and can only be identified by the expert technicians. So, it’s essential to seek expert advice when noticing signs of tyre wear so that you can clarify on time whether you need wheel bearing replacement in Scarborough to fix the issue.

Diagnosing a wheel bearing noise is not easy, and many confuse it for tyre noise. It can be quite perplexing to determine which wheel bearing is faulty. So, it's vital to seek a technician's help in Scarborough in this matter.

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