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Bridgestone Tyres

    JCS Tyres is dedicated to serving customers only with the best quality products. Therefore we recommend Bridgestone car tyres to our customers.

    Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturer not for nothing. Their product quality receives validation from multiple independent automobile reviewers throughout the world.

    Types of Bridgestone car tyre we sell

    We sell all the verities of car tyres. Here are the common types most of our customers in Scarborough opt for.

    Winter tyres

    • Made of a special rubber compound that retains flexibility even in frigid temperatures below 7°C, these tyres are crucial for driving through snow and sleet.
    • Their deeper tread grooves, with larger blocks, bites through snow and ice generating high amounts of traction. Bridgestone car tyres in Scarborough that qualifies for winter conditions are ideal for places the northern UK that experiences sharp temperature drop during winters.

    Summer tyres

    • Summer tyres are ideal for driving around in temperatures above 7°C. They comprise of harder tread compounds that can resist heat better, thereby prevents excess tread wear at higher temperatures.
    • Specialised tread design with long ribs on these tyres, aids in efficient water evacuation. Hence, for traversing through heavy rainfall during summers in the UK, these are a must. Choose a summer tyre with wet weather features from our range of Bridgestone car tyres in Scarborough, to stay safe in wet roads.

    All-season tyres

    • Designed with balanced performance in mind these tyres combine the features of winter and summer tyres.
    • They are ideal for car owners in the southern UK, where temperatures fluctuations stay within the moderate range.

    Few popular car tyre models from Bridgestone

    At JCS Garage in Scarborough, you’ll find all the popular tyres models from Bridgestone.

    Driveguard Winter

    • Presence of proprietary patented high-tech fins that helps to redistribute heat and friction after a tyre blowout.
    • Reinforced sidewalls enable you to drive for 50 miles even after a loss of air pressure so you can head over to an auto garage for repairs.
    • High silica compound with Nano pro-tech technology enables better stopping distance.

    POTENZA S001

    • Active insert on these tyres increases longitudinal stiffness which improves handling performance. It also enables the tyres to maintain cornering grip and ride comfort.
    • Advanced groove design suppresses excess noise. Lightweight belt construction reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.
    • Stiff corner blocks help with generating a high braking force in wet and dry conditions. Therefore, these are ideal Bridgestone car tyres in Scarborough for summers.

    Buy Bridgestone tyres from us

    At JCS Tyres, we sell tyres from all price range. Additionally, you can select your preferred tyre model from our online web store and pay for it there itself. Subsequently, drive into our garage for hassle-free tyre fitting.

    Along with selling Bridgestone tyres online, we offer mobile tyre fitting service in Scarborough.

    So, contact us today!

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