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Falken Tyres

    At JCS Tyres, we cater to our customer's requirements with utmost diligence. Automobile technology has progressed enough to deliver high performing products at affordable prices. Falken is one such brand who exemplifies the application of advanced technology at reasonable prices. Their experience in motorsport, innovation, and Japanese technology adds up to result in tyres that enable your car to perform at its best.

    Hence, we recommend Falken car tyres in Scarborough. Founded in 1983, the tyre company has partnered with multiple motorsports organisations. In 2018, its Sincera SN832 achieved the highest rank in ADAC’s summer tyre test.

    Technologies that goes into Falken tyres

    Experts at JCS Tyres in Scarborough highly regard Falken tyres due to the wide gamut of tyre technology in their disposal.

    NEO – T01 Production Process

    • With this advanced manufacturing process, Falken can produce ultra-high-precision run-flat tyres. The technology results in tyres that conform precisely to the dimensions of its predetermined designed.
    • A precision moulded metal core is used at the centre, over which tread material is layered. The method enables manufacturing with high-precision specifications. NEO – T01 is a benchmark for consistent quality production of premium tyres.

    Advanced 4D – Nano Design

    • Falken successfully influences the molecular structure of a rubber compound by identified negation of superfluous heat generation from the tread compound.
    • By implementation of 4D – Nanotechnology, rolling resistance of a tyre is lowered, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. Also, it improves a tyre's performance in wet conditions. So, if you prioritise fuel efficiency, then Falken car tyres in Scarborough your ideal choice.

    Silent core

    • Because of this technology, a Falken tyre generates 10 decibels lesser noise, compared to a tyre without Silent core.
    • A lining of polyurethane foam layer in the tyre's interior reduces the drive-by noise. Air vibrating inside a tyre causes the tyre cavity to resonate, which results in high noise generation.

    Run-flat technology

    • Falken is amongst those brands whose tyres come with a reliable Runflat feature. Presence of reinforced sidewalls enables these tyres to continue rolling and supporting a vehicle's weight even after a loss of air pressure due to puncture.
    • Falken tyres with Run-flat technology enable you to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph speed. Incidentally, run-flat tyres are compatible only with cars that have TPMS.

    Falken’s production capabilities

    The brand utilises 3 production facilities in Japan and other facilities in China, South Africa, Brazil, USA, and Turkey. With their production in Japan alone, they produce 10,350 tonnes of car, truck and bus tyres every month.

    So, when mounting Falken car tyres in Scarborough, you can be assured that you are going for a brand with a valuable experience.

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