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Continental Tyres

    Continental, the giant German conglomerate, is a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. While it manufactures powertrains, tachographs and a lot of chassis components, it is perhaps best-known for tyres. You can now buy Continental car tyres in Scarborough from our facility, JCS Tyres.

    JCS Tyres in Scarborough is an authorised retailer of all models of Continental’s products. We also sell their tyres online. The German major is currently the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of tyres, and they also sell in very decent numbers every year in North Yorkshire.

    Why are Continental tyres so famous?

    Over a nearly-150-year old history, Continental has managed to stay ahead of the curve thanks to their penchant for innovation. It has a rich history of R&D and invests a substantial sum every year on improving new technologies. Continental is famous for a lot of impressive reasons, the pick of them being:

    • German engineering at work: The world trusts German engineering to do what few others can. It is the same in the case of Continental car tyres in Scarborough. These wheels are tested across a wide variety of climates and surfaces. Continental ensures that their products are usable on all types of roads.
    • OE-grade reliability: Continental tyres are used as Original Equipment by multiple major significant car manufacturers. Audi, Volkswagen and BMW are just three of the icons who use Continental’s tyres as OE.
    • Independently tested: Leading vehicle experts and magazines widely certify Continental's products. They have earned increasing trust over the years.

    Popular Continental tyres in the United Kingdom

    At JCS Tyres, we sell most of Continental’s broad palette of models. Here are the ones which see the maximum demand.

  • ContiSportContact 5P: Continental has gained a significant portion of the market thanks to its ContiSportContact 5P. It is an all-season tyre widely used for high-performance vehicles. It can handle steep cornering and sharp braking. When used on a BMW X4, for example, multiple reports suggest that the ContiSportContact 5P reduces braking distances by almost 20%.
  • ContiMaxContact MC5: It is a summer tyre designed for greater acceleration even on foreboding surfaces. The MC5 is an OE model that Audi uses extensively. We also sell these Continental tyres online. Incidentally, the ContiMaxContact series is all set to receive an upgraded range by 2019-end.
  • ContiCrossContact LX 2: It is one of their most popular SUV wheels. The LX2 is capable of providing excellent performance even on off-road conditions. At JCS Tyres, we sell the ContiCrossContact LX 2 in large numbers every year.
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    Regardless of whether you need winter, summer or all-season wheels, you will get the widest range at JCS Tyres. Contact us today for more details and prices. Also, you can contact us for reasonably-priced mobile tyre fitting services in Scarborough.

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