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Are you looking for Welding Rust Repairs for your vehicle?


JCS Tyres is your most convenient destination for welding and rust repair, MOT-prescribed or otherwise. Welding is a particularly popular service at our garage, especially for motorists with older vehicles. Our welding and rust repairs garage in Scarborough can successfully refurbish all kinds of body damage and accident repairs.

However, beyond the quality and promptness of our service, it is our thorough professionalism that brings our customers back to us. We are absolutely resolute in performing the most accurate service that your car needs. What’s more, we are happy to explain why we are doing what we are doing, and how it’ll enhance your car.

In essence, when you bring your car to our garage, be assured that you are paying only for what your car requires. Your goodwill is more important to us than quick profits.

With that said, let’s take a look at our services relating to rusting and welding service in Scarborough.

Welding jobs done right

There can be many reasons why one would need a welding/rust repair service. Accidents and other physical damage aside, natural wear and tear may also warrant welding.

Natural elements, like the bitter cold or continuous heavy rain, may also potentially damage the chassis and underbelly of your vehicle. MOT tests may also reveal bodywork damage that requires welding.

At our service workshop, we are adequately equipped to handle all kinds of welding service in Scarborough. Our welding service entails applying a high degree of heat to the metal surface so that it becomes malleable and it’s easier to refurbish it. When the need arises, we use additional materials so that the joint is perfectly stable.

Things we weld

  • Chassis
  • Sills
  • Floor panels
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust

The extent of repairs required varies. Sometimes it’s a small spot welding whereas, at other time, we may have to replace the entire panel.

Remove rust

Rust may build up over time, often at places which are not imminently noticeable. People living in areas with heavy snow are no stranger to severe rusting and corrosion which happens due to the road-salt mixed sludge.

At JCS Tyres, we are equally skilled at rust removal in Scarborough as we are in welding. We use highly specialised tools and techniques such as industry-grade salt remover, and undercarriage cleaner to get rid of the rust from your vehicle.

JCS Tyres to the rescue

Bring your car to our garage for efficient and timely welding and rust removal services. We are open for business on all working days.

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