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    Tyres Flamborough

    If you are a car owner in Flamborough, you have possibly faced a lot of trouble due to the unavailability of reliable automobile service stations in and around this place.

    Well, there’s some excellent news for you!

    JCS Tyres, one of the renowned car service providers in the UK, is now operating in Flamborough as well.

    Here’s a brief overview of what we can offer.


    We stock a vast inventory of tyres Flamborough, suitable for any car make and model.

    The types of tyres we retail are:

    • Summer tyres
    • Winter tyres
    • 4×4 tyres
    • All-season tyres
    • Ultra-High-Performance tyres
    • Run-flat tyres, etc.

    We sell products from iconic manufacturers, like

    • Continental
    • Pirelli
    • Dunlop
    • Michelin, etc.

    You can also visit our official website to buy cheap tyres Flamborough.

    Mobile tyre fitting

    We provide services of ISO 9001 certified mobile tyre fitting Flamborough. You can book an appointment via our official website by filling up details related to your car, preferred fitting location and time.

    Wheel alignment

    We rectify misaligned wheels with our cutting-edge laser wheel alignment servicesTherefore, if you notice a crooked steering wheel or your vehicles drifts towards one direction while driving, visit us without any delay.

    Exhaust repairs and replacements

    A clogged muffler, exhaust leaks or excessive smoke from the tailpipe are symptoms of malfunctioning car exhaust system. At our garage, we use the latest technologies to identify the root of the issues and provide replacements with OE-grade spares.


    Symptoms like a vibrating brake pedal, squealing and screeching noises while braking, or increased braking distances indicate that you must opt for brake pad replacement. At JCS Tyres, we sell various types of brake parts, like semi-metallic, ceramic, non-asbestos organic, etc.

    Car battery

    We offer extensive battery-related services and checks, like:

    • Visual inspection of wires
    • Cable end treatments
    • OCV checks
    • Installation of anti-corrosion pads, etc.

    You can contact us on 01723 624724 for more information or to book a slot.

Opening Times

  • Monday 08:00am - 17:30pm
  • Tuesday08:00am - 17:30pm
  • Wednesday08:00am - 17:30pm
  • Thursday08:00am - 17:30pm
  • Friday08:00am - 17:30pm
  • Saturday09:00am - 14:00pm
  • SundayClosed
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