Take your next MOT test in Scarborough at JCS Tyres for the most timely, affordable and accurate results. We are a leading MOT test centre authorised by the DVSA for conducting this test as well as any repairs that may come to the fore.

There are numerous criteria that your car has to fulfil to prove its roadworthiness. If it fails on even one account, it will be deemed unsafe to drive, and we will have to issue a VT30 certificate! You must perform the necessary repairs and retake the test to prove that it’s safe to drive.

Parts covered under MOT

As a test devised to gauge the roadworthiness of your vehicle, MOT assesses some of the most essential elements of your car. We have experienced technicians equipped with the latest machinery to conduct tests on each of these parts.

The following elements are some of the most important ones to go under our scanner during an MOT check in Scarborough as per the new regulations.

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Driver’s view of the road (mirrors, windshield etc.)
  • Lights
  • Electrical system
  • Bodywork

If we find any discrepancy in any of these parts, your car will not pass its test. You can retake it within the next 10 working days against a partial fee.

There are some notable exceptions that an MOT doesn’t cover such as the engine and the gearbox.

Compliant to the latest developments

The DVSA updated some MOT regulations in 2018. JCS Tyres is entirely compliant with these changes and have trained our technicians accordingly. Some of these recent changes are listed below.

  1. The categories are now labelled ‘Dangerous’, ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’. Vehicles coming under the first two categories are not roadworthy and should be repaired immediately.
  2. Tyre inflation pressure is now under the purview of this test.
  3. Vehicles that are over 40 years of age do not need to take this test any more.

These are some of the latest developments that we take into account while performing any MOT test in Scarborough.

Affordable and efficient service

Although the exact rate varies from vehicle to vehicle, our MOT prices are considerably lower than the government-specified limit. Not only do we perform an affordable class 4 MOT in Scarborough, but our MOT repairs are also priced extremely competitively.

Bring your car to JCS Tyres and avail the most conclusive MOT in Scarborough. You can book your slot between Monday and Saturday subject to availability. Call us today!

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