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Are you looking for MOT Repair for your vehicle?

In case your car has recently failed an MOT test, bring it to us at JCS Tyres. We are the leading MOT repair garage in Scarborough. Our technicians offer the best repair services in North Yorkshire, and we ensure that our prices are the most reasonable. There are many issues which might result in a VT30, the MOT failure certificate. Most often, the reason/s are notified.

JCS Tyres not only handles all the problems or shortcomings listed but also tests and repairs/replaces most of the additional areas. Our service session will ensure that you pass the next MOT at the very first go.

Being the leader in MOT repair Scarborough, we work with the best technological aids designed to save you both time and money.

Our MOT repair services

Here is a condensed list of our MOT repair services.

    • Seatbelts and other restraining systems

Most modern cars come with SRS (Supplementary Restraining Systems) to complement the traditional airbags. If they are ill-fitting and loose or damaged, your car will fail the MOT. We test and perform repairs to these areas as per requirements.

Electrical wiring: Modern vehicles are replete with complex electrical circuitry where each wire is vital. We take special care to ensure there are no loose fittings.

    • Mirrors

Often, car owners turn a blind eye towards damages to their side-view and/or rear-view mirrors. When you bring your car to our facility, we will check them for any flaws and ensure that all mirrors-including the windshields-are intact and without chipped surfaces. The new MOT puts additional weightage on issues with these vital components.

    • Registration plates

Technicians ensure that your car’s registration plates are in the proper format, legible and sans damage.

    • Internal and external lights

We check all the lights that are present in your car. These can be ad minute as the ones on your dashboard instrument cluster and may be as major as its headlights. Note that since fused bulbs and lights are not repairable, we will replace them at once.

    • Seats

Our team carries out a detailed inspection of your car’s seats to ensure they are free from damage.

    • TPMS

Since the MOT rule changes in 2018, a car’s TPMS must work perfectly. When you bring your car to us- the MOT repair garage in Scarborough- we will ensure that this automated monitoring system is in good shape.

    • Wheels and tyres

A car with treads below 1.6mm will never pass an MOT. Thus, we make sure to provide adequate care on your vehicle’s tyres and wheels so that they adhere to proper DVSA standards.

    • Emissions

A car’s exhaust system should work well and ensure low running noise and lower volumes of noxious fumes. Any malfunctions can result in serious mishaps. We store exhaust system spares for you too.

    • Horn

If your car’s horn is not loud enough or too loud, we will carry out appropriate repairs.

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With JCS Tyres in town, you will never have to pay more for MOT repair Scarborough. We will quote an upfront fee before we start the repair job, and our quotations are always transparent. Book an appointment today to skip the queue.

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