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    Tyres Wrelton

    After serving Pickering, East Ayton, Ebberston and all the places in and around Scarborough, JCS Tyresis now operationalatWrelton.

    We are known for our Laser wheel alignment and efficient tyre puncture repairing. Apart from that, we provide several different car service as well. We have services like-

    Mobile Fitting

    We provide mobile tyre fitting Wrelton, for our customers who cannot come down to our station. You can get our service even while staying at home. You can choose from a wide range of tyres in our inventory. We have brands like Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental, Falken, Michelin, Dunlop, Nexen and Bridgestone.

    If you are not willing to spend a hefty amount at once, we also have cheap tyres Wrelton for you. They are affordable and durable as well. They are perfect for everyday driving needs.


    A compromised exhaust can cause many problems. You can get exposed to the toxic fumes produced by your car. If the damage is severe you will not pass your MOT test, without which you cannot drive your car. There is also environmental damage done by a failing exhaust system.

    We check the entire system and pinpoint the problem. Our skilled technicians then repair or replace the compromised part to maintain the government standards and your safety.

    Battery Repair and Maintenance

    If you see symptoms such as dim headlights, backfiring or clicking sound when you turn the key, your battery is failing. That is your car battery can die at any moment. To avoid these mishaps, get your battery immediately checked by our professionals.

    We also believe that if the battery is appropriately taken care of it will die suddenly. We have a proper maintenance routine for car batteries that will ensure its good health.


    A brake can stop working for many reasons like damaged rotor disks, leaking hydraulic fluid, overheating of brake pads etc. It can happen because of your negligence, as well. We understand that your busy schedule doesn't allow you to pay attention to your vehicle. Thus, we take charge of your vehicle’s well-being.

    Should your brakes fail, we also replace them with the help of our professionals. 

    Visit our garage at Unit 1E, Willymath Close, Burniston, Scarborough, YO13 0HG for the mentioned services and many more.

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